Legacy poles add historic ambience

The "People's Park" is now open in Philadelphia.


CMT Legacy poles line historic Dilworth Park

The Problem: The City of Philadelphia needed a composite solution for a decorative pedestrian pole to meet the City’s new standards. The City required a 14-foot tall pole to fit a standard 11-inch bolt circle utilizing a special anchor base approved by PennDOT. “The City had begun conversion of all poles to composite,” said Gene Emerick of A&E Lighting. “The pedestrian pole did not make a successful transition so the City of Philadelphia contacted us to work on the City’s requirements.”


The Solution: After some challenging development, CMT presented the City of Philadelphia with a lightweight, highly durable, non-conductive and non-corrosive decorative pole and slip over shroud that maintained the City’s standard look. CMT presented the product at the 2013 LIGHTFAIR International. The new lightweight pole and slip over shroud met the City’s requirements and provided significant financial and safety benefits:
• Easier installation
• Lightweight for less of a safety hazard
• Simple, low-cost shroud replacement
• Half the cost of the original poles

The new decorative pedestrian poles are now featured at the “People’s Park” in the Center City district at the Old City Hall in Philadelphia. The Dilworth Park installation is the first of many CMT Legacy poles to line the streets of Philadelphia.