Exceptional engineering & unparalleled production provides CMT customers with high-quality composite structures.

CMT is a leading manufacturer of engineered composite poles and structures. A time-proven performer, CMT has delivered more than 1,000,000 poles to over 5,000 customers throughout the United States and internationally.

We offer a full range of Marathon composite products for applications such as street & area lighting, sports lighting, power distribution, communications, security, flag poles and alternative energy (wind, solar, and EV charging). THESE COMPOSITE ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS WILL NEVER RUST.

With our Legacy line, we offer a wide variety of elegant ornamental light poles – which provides CMT customers with enduring beauty. Need a custom creation? CMT engineers can transform your concepts into reality.

Today, the CMT product family is part of Valmont Composite Structures, Inc. Leveraging the company's knowledgeable, in-house technical expertise and global resources, CMT offers composite products of exceptional quality which are crafted with a unique, centrifugally cast manufacturing process.

Centrifugally cast production process - the CMT difference





  • The orientation of the glass is both longitudinal to the axis of the pole and circumferential to the axis of the pole – the most advantageous position possible from a structural design perspective.

  • The UV inhibited resin is injected into the inside of the spinning mold, and the centrifugal forces created from spinning, force the resin to fully saturate the glass, and create a smooth exterior surface, and a dense structural laminate.

  • The pole color is also mixed with the resin, providing a consistent uniform color though out the laminate without the necessity of painting (a maintenance issue) to provide the desired coloration.

  • The outer layer of glass is also surrounded by a thick layer of polyester veil adding additional protection of the glass from UV degradation.

CMT Marathon and Legacy composite light poles and structures

  • Ease of Installation - Our lightweight composite poles save time, manpower, equipment and money during installation. CMT poles can be carried without equipment, making them easy to install most anywhere. Composite poles are particularly valuable for existing sites where the grounds must not be disturbed, and for out-of-the-way and hard-to-reach sites, such as parks and trails.

  • US Designed and Built - CMT poles are engineered and crafted in the United States and meet Buy America provisions for transportation infrastructure projects.

  • Designed to Last - CMT composites will never rust and perform exceptionally well in humidity and salt-air environments along coastlines, in high-traffic environments found in busy metropolitan areas, and in dry, harsh environments in the desert southwest. Truly, CMT poles are ideal for most any environment.

  • Safety - CMT poles are non-conductive and meet ANSI C136.20 standards, plus ASTM design standards -- ideal for installation in heavily populated venues such as ballparks and playgrounds, as well as residential, business and shopping areas.

  • Superb Selection - Choose from our Marathon™ round tapered or square poles, Legacy™ ornamental light poles and lamp posts, or CMT’s custom engineered composite structures for your next outdoor lighting project.