Marathon poles in Cape Canaveral

If it's good enough for NASA...


Shuttle model move shows way for Atlantis

The Problem: NASA needed to move the Shuttle replica to make way for Atlantis. Moving the high-fidelity model of the space shuttle called for an array of planning, about 100 people and a specialized trailer. It also called for the temporary removal of 100+ light poles, four traffic signals and some signs. While NASA contractors removed the existing light poles lining the stretch of road out of the Kennedy Space Center, they discovered the existing poles had irreparable corrosion (they were rusty), as well as other issues that demanded a more permanent solution.

The Solution: CMT representative, SESCO Lighting, presented the NASA team with an idea - a 20-year (permanent) solution - to upgrade to LED lighting and attach 27ft CMT Marathon Poles to the existing transformer bases. "We highlighted the corrosion-free, rust-proof composite poles as the proper solution to withstand the punishing environment conditions on the Florida coast," said Steve Michael of SESCO Lighting. Michael emphasized to NASA that the CMT Poles would never rust and that the product was environmentally engineered to withstand hurricane force winds up to 150 mph. "The CMT poles are a great product, providing a maintenance-free solution and saving tremendous money and time," according to NASA project leader, Jose Ribeiro.