Sports lighting poles

Marathon composite light poles for sports fields, sporting venues, and related outdoor recreation

Sporting venues require exceptional lighting for ideal visibility by players and fans alike. CMT Marathon poles are ideal for sports fields, ballparks, open public spaces, hike and bike trails, and other outdoor recreational facilities.

These rugged, durable composite poles are a result of decades of development and refinement of fiberglass-construction processes and technology. The product manufacturing process and robust engineering ensures these proven performers provide a long service life.

CMT sports lighting structures are engineered for specific height and strength requirements and are available in heights up to 90-feet.

To learn more about our sports lighting systems and product specifications, download the CMT Sports Lighting Poles brochure.

CMT Sports Lighting Poles Brochure CovImg


CMT Marathon Sports Poles - Built to Last

  • Easy, fast installation with minimal heavy equipment needed
  • Low maintenance over the life of the product
  • Marathon poles will not rot or corrode, regardless of humidity
  • Unlike wood poles, fiberglass will not twist, rotate, or warp. Insect and woodpecker proof
  • Safe, non-conductive fiberglass pole design
  • A hollow core accommodates current and telecom, wireless, security, and fiber access, if specified
  • Heavy duty composite crossarms are available in 2’ to 12’ lengths to create lighting arrays

Triple UV Protection - 3 Layers for extra-long life in the sun

CMT takes a systematic approach to UV protection, and formulates UV inhibitors into the liquid resin mixture from the beginning of the production process. The outer shell of the pole then is covered with a tightly woven fiberglass veil that is saturated with a UV-inhibitor. This veil provides a resin-rich surface than controls blooming. In postproduction, the finished product receives an exterior coating of our high-performance, UV-protective urethane finish.

Product performance is verified by extensive accelerated testing which demonstrates CMT poles can easily handle what nature dishes out - for decades.

  • Long lasting pole, with embedded UV inhibitors, polyester veil, and anti-UV coatings
  • Sturdy and durable, the poles are wrapped in a polyester veil for strength retention and weathering protection
  • Standard colors are black, bronze, and grey. For custom colors, consult factory