Hinged poles

Marathon hinged composite light poles


CMT Marathon hinged-base poles offer an excellent solution for hard-to-access installation areas and are popular with customers looking to reduce routine lighting maintenance expenses. Crews do not need bucket trucks, lifts or even a ladder to re-lamp these poles.

CMT offers round tapered hinged poles in up to 24-foot mounting heights and also 4x4-inch square poles in up to 18-foot mounting heights.

CMT hinge poles are engineered products that can be designed for both direct-burial and anchor-base installations.

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See the CMT Marathon hinged lightpole video - lightweight, easy to maintain

CMT Marathon Hinged Poles - Built to Last

  • Engineered for specific height and strength light pole installations
  • Sturdy, durable, and dent-resistant fiberglass composite structures
  • Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant for durability and low lifetime maintenance
  • Lightweight and easier to install and lift compared to concrete, steel, and wood poles
  • A hollow core accommodates current and telecom, wireless, security, and fiber access, if specified
  • Long lasting, with embedded UV inhibitors, polyester veil, and anti-UV coatings
  • Less electrically conductive than steel, aluminum or wood poles
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes for enduring beauty